Houthis kidnap local passengers in Ibb

Houthis kidnap local passengers in Ibb

Alsahwa Net- The Houthis militia kidnapped a number of citizens in Ibb, central Yemen while on the road heading to Hadhramout, east Yemen looking for job opportunities.

The Houthis militants took the abductees to the Houthis-run Criminal-Investigation Prison, local sources said.

Ashraf Al-Mutwakel, the Houthis Mushref [supervisor] who was designated by his group as undersecretary of Ibb governorate, has instructed his militants to abduct the citizens.

The victims were on a truck in Al-Odain Roundabout, nearby Al-Mutwakel’s residence in Ibb city when got arrested, the sources said.

The victims were on a travel looking for work in Hadhramout to sustain food for their households as their living standards deteriorated in Ibb following seizure of Ibb by the Houthis in late 2014. 

The Houthis militants banned the detainees’ families from communication with their relatives and declined their release.

Al-Mutwakel is said to prepare fabricated charges against the victims.

Al-Mutwakel is notorious for committing human rights abuses in several districts of Ibb.

His record is also full of public corruption and selling the propane gas to the black market during the few past years.

 He is accused of seizing the propane gas, looting private vehicles and properties in when he was a leading Houthis official in Hodeida in 2018.

He also purchased properties in Sana’a using a name of one of his relatives using the money he collected from looting and selling the propane gas.

Local sources in Ibb said that Al-Mutwakel exercises pressures on the humanitrain aide organizations in Ibb and never allows them to work until he is paid certain amount of money for letting them to operate.

 The Humanitarian aid organizations in Ibb are also forced by Al-Mutwakel’s instructions to distribute food aids to only his approved-lists that excludes names of the Houthis’ opponents.

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