Unknown gunmen murder Islah’s leader in Al-Dahala’

Unknown gunmen murder Islah’s leader in Al-Dahala’

Alsahwa Net- Anonymous gunmen murdered on Thursday’s morning Abdulraqeeb Qazee, one of the Islah’s leaders in Al-Dhala’ governorate, north Aden, south Yemen.

The anonymous armed men who were on a motorbike, shot Qazee dead while in front of the University of Science and Technology in Al-Dhala’ city.

Qazee was also the former director of the Chamber of Commerce in Al-Dhala’ city.

Assassinations against members and leaders of the Islah party have been on rise in Aden and nearby governorates amid no security actions by the local security services to pursue perpetrators.

Qazee is the third victim of assassinations that took place in the same province between late 2018 to mid-2019.

Khaled Ghaiman, a leading member of the Islah’s party in Al-Dahala’ was killed by the same method on 25 July 2019 and journalist, Zaki Al-Saqladi was murdered on 5 October 2018.

Secretary general of the Islah party demanded earlier formation of a fact-finding committee from the government and the Saudi-led coalition to investigate murder cases against members and leaders of the Islah party.

The Islah party deplored the crime and continuation of terror acts that systematically target its members and leaders who took the lead in resistance against the Houthis’ coup.

The party demanded perpetrators must be pursued and brought to justice.

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