Houthis' kill civilians who escaped their manhunt with missiles

Houthis' kill civilians who escaped their manhunt with missiles

Marib city to Yemen's east was too sparsely populated until 2015 when oppositionists to the Houthi coup moved with their families to the city in the thousands. Ever since, thousands others facing Houthi manhunt have continued to migrate and resettle in the government-held safe haven. 
But the militia of Shia theocratic extremists continue to assert their ability to reach them in a gruesome way: missiles. 
The local Human Rights office revealed in mid-2019 that the militia, by rockets alone, killed more than 400 civilian casualties and injured 1066 others, most of them refugees who had escaped the militant-controlled parts of the country. 
Ever since, scores of attacks and casualties have been incurred and the statistic has not been yet updated. 
Among the latest attacks was today's killing of an entire family of eight members and injury of 15 neighbors in a ballistic missile the extremists fired on Arodha neighborhood, densely populated with internal displaced families. The family of Saleh Sharyan Adharfi is one of the families who had sought refuge in Marib from the extremists crackdown.
A similar attack last month had killed a family of four persons in the same neighborhood. The family belongs to a parliamentarian who had fled the militia's manhunt in Sana'a.  
"The extremists do not aim at a specific house or person with these random rockets, they aim at the whole area of Arowdha. They know that it, like most of Marib, is mostly inhabited by refugee oppositionists. So they want to fire their missiles indiscriminately on the whole population," says Abdul Hafeedh Ahmed, a local resident in the neighborhood. "Because they know the rocket will most likely fall on the house of a wanted displacee."

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