In control of Yemen's internet, Shia extremists conceal their atrocities

In control of Yemen's internet, Shia extremists conceal their atrocities

Yemen's Shia extremist militia have recently managed to completely conceal to the outside world their daily atrocities against civilian oppositionists inside Yemen thanks to their control on the country's telecommunication and internet.

Today, Wednesday, the militia killed an entire family of eight members and injured 12 neighbors when a ballistic missile they fired from Sana'a hit the densely populated neighborhood of Arowdha in the government-held city of Marib and safe haven for refugees in eastern Yemen. Because of poor internet connection Asahwa hardly uploaded this story to the website but could never upload pictures of the casualties and the destroyed house

As an international submarine cable suffered a break on January 9 and Yemen was left with only 80% drop in internet capacity, the militia reserved the remaining 20% to the capital Sana'a which they control and  knocked the government-held parts of Yemen offline and unable to communicate with the outside world.

In addition to the Houthi blackout policy, the United Nations and western media covering the Yemeni conflict seem to habitually ignore the atrocities that the Iran-backed extremists commit even as the government's army is ineffectually defensive in the face of them.

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