Government: STC must abide by its commitment to Al-Riyadh agreement

Government: STC must abide by its commitment to Al-Riyadh agreement

Alsahwa Net- The Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mohammed Al-Hadhrami said that the Southern Transitional Council (STC) has to abide by its commitment to implementation of the Al-Riyadh agreement.

He affirmed that the government is determined to full implementation of the agreement. He appreciated the Saudi efforts on this respect towards ensuring the agreement implementation.

He said that the government is determined on achieving a comprehensive and sustainable peace in line to the agreed references.

 Al-Hadhrami indicated that the Houthis responded to peace efforts with defiance and unjustified escalation.

He said that recent escalation by the Houthis in Nehm, Al-Jawf and Marib obliges the government to study feasibility of the Stockholm agreement on Hodeida.

He said that the government will not accept the use of the Stockholm agreement as an instrument that the Houthis use to wage fighting in other parts of Yemen.

He added that the real objective of Hodeida agreement is not solely to a ceasefire in Hodeida and keep other areas under fire. But, it is intended to liberate Hodeida city and port and to control smuggling of arms and Iranian oil.

 The Stockholm agreement on Hodeida is also intended to maintain security of the maritime navigation routes and that the Houthis never misuse the humanitarian aides, according to Al-Hadhrami.

He said that so far none of these objectives has been materialize yet because of the Houthis’ defiance to implementation of the agreement.

He said that it is hard talking about holding new peace talks before changing the situation in Hodeida and putting an end to the Houthis’ breaching to the ceasefire.

Al-Hadhrami voiced this during his Tuesday’s meeting with Philip Akkerman, General Director of Africa, Latin America, Near East and Middle East of the German Foreign ministry.

Fresh fighting renewed late last month between the government’s forces and the Houthis rebels in Nehm, AlJawfa and Marib amid threats by the goverment to suspend its commitment to the Stockhom agreement if the Houthis never halted their offensive.

The government also strives for implemenation of the Al-Riydah agreement it signed early last November with the STC to end rebellion in Aden and neraby governorates.

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