Funeral held for 200 Houthis militants in one week

Funeral held for 200 Houthis militants in one week

Alsahwa Net- A funeral of over 224 Houthis fighters among them 80 Houthis leaders took place in the past week in Sana’a, according to lists of recently dead militants who were killed in Nehm, east of Sana’a.

 Funeral of 24 of the dead militants was held on Sunday alone, in Sana’a.

 Hospitals received bodies of 32 militants who mostly come from districts of Sana’a and few number from Sa’ada, Hajja and Taiz.

Public hospitals in Sana’a including the Kuwait Hospital, the Military Hospital and the Police Hospital are on emergency and stopped taking civilian patients because medical wards are already full of the Houthis-wounded fighters, a source in Sana’a said. 

“This deprives the civilians from medical care access in the public hospitals,” the source said.

He added that the Houthis militia are on crisis because the tribes accuse the Houthis officials of sending their sons to loosing battles.

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