Possible evacuation of Yemeni students from China

Possible evacuation of Yemeni students from China

Alsahwa Net- The Yemen’s Foreign Ministry said it began discussions on possible evacuation of the Yemeni students from the Chinese Wuhan city, the epicenter of Coronavirus.

Many governments have already evacuated their citizens from the Corona epicenter and took screening measures against passengers coming from China except Yemen.

Around 170 Yemeni students have been trapped in Wuhan following outdoor restrictions made by the health authorities in an attempt to control spread of the infection.

“We are on direct contact with our students in Wuhan, the corona epicenter,” the ministry wrote on its Twitter account.

“We coordinate with the Chinese authority and our embassy in China to take necessary actions to the students’ needs and possibility of evacuation if needed,” the ministry said.

Two days ago, the Yemeni students appealed to the legitimate government for help and evacuation from the city which has been placed under quarantine.

 So far, the virus has claimed lives of 300 people, but no Yemeni case has been infected yet, according to the Chinese Embassy to Yemen.

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