Rights Radar: Houthis’ landmines killed nearly 600 people

Rights Radar: Houthis’ landmines killed nearly 600 people

Alsahwa Net- Rights Radar for Human Rights, an international human rights organization that monitors human rights abuses in the Arab world, has said that Houthis-planted landmines killed 580 civilians  and landmines planted by other armed groups killed 105 otehrs.

The total documented 685 dead victims include civilians and some military personnel who were killed in Yemen between January 2015 to December 2019 in blasts of landmines.

The use of landmines by the Houthis in this five-year ongoing armed conflict is the largest ever in Yemen’s modern history, a report by the Rights Radar said.

It said that the report depended on field information on human death toll caused by the Houthis-landmines’ blasts in 18 Yemeni governorates.

Taiz came on top of the list with 160 people killed by landmines during the reported period.

Hodeida is the second with 114 people were killed by the landmines, Al-Baida with 94 people were killed by the same method.

Male victims of the total number reached 484 men and female victims were 67 women, the report said.

It said that 134 victims were children and that number of the victims among civilians was 609 and the rest were military personnel.

The Houthis were blamed to 580 victims among them 104 children and 60 women who lost their lives in blasts of landmines.

Other armed groups were blamed to the death of 105 victims among them 30 children and seven women, the report noted.

Those total reported landmine blasts injured and maimed 601 people among them 427 men, 115 children and 59 women, according to the report.

The Rights Radar demanded the Houthis group to hand over maps of areas contaminated with landmines to the government of Yemen and landmines clearance programs in Yemen.

It also called on the Houthis to stop the use of all types of landmines and to destroy their stores.

It called on all parties to the conflict to halt targeting of civilians and respect the military law in times of war as well as Yemen’s commitment to the ban of landmines use.  

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