Southern militias ban northern Yemenis from entering Abyan

Southern militias ban northern Yemenis from entering Abyan


Alsahwa Net- Sam Organization for Rights and Liberties has deplored ban on Yemeni northern citizens’ entry to Abyan province, in south Yemen by the Southern Transitional Council (STC) militia.

The organization also called for ending the use of citizens’ suffering as an instrument to achieve political purposes.

Citizens of North Yemen are often banned from entering some southern governorates, particularly Aden and Abyan by the STC militants.

The STC militias were established in 2016 by the United Arab Emirates (UAE) with no supervision by the legitimate government headed by President Abd Rabo Mansour Hadi.  

A checkpoint of STC, at entrance of Zinjibar, the capital city of Abyan, banned on Thursday 30 January 2019 scores of northern families on buses from entering Abyan, according to the organization.

The organization cited testimonies by some families who were caught up at the STC militia-manned checkpoint.

Over than 200 citizens were banned entry to Abyan and Aden since last Thursday, the organization said.

Most of the travelling citizens who were banned from entering Abyan were patients and they were on a journey for medical treatment.

It said that the militants informed the passengers to return to their origins and declined their entry.

It called on the STC leadership to respect citizens’ rights of movement freedom, asserting that such acts worsen civilians’ sufferings.

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