Government warns against Iran’s role on Yemen’s peace

Government warns against Iran’s role on Yemen’s peace

Alsahwa Net-  Muammar Al-Eryani, Minister of Information warned against Iran’s continuous interference on the progress of Yemen’s peace efforts.

Al-Eryani accused Iran’s official of fueling the conflict in Yemen to settle their disputes with countries in the region particularly Saudi Arabia.

He said that intensity of the military escalation by the Iran-backed Houthis militia increased in Yemen following death of commander of the Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Quds forces, general Qasem Soleimani early last month.

“This demonstrates the Iranian role in fueling the conflict and blind affiliation by the Houthis to Tehran on the expense of Yemenis’ lives,” said Al-Eryani.

He demanded a strict stance by the international community and the UNSC five permanent members against Iran’s interference in Yemen.

He indicated that Iran’s interference in Yemen has almost failed the peace process in Yemen and led to continuation of the Yemeni humanitarian crisis.

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