Houthis intensify conscription among adolescents in Sana’a

Houthis intensify conscription among adolescents in Sana’a

Alsahwa Net- The Houthis rebels have intensified forcible conscription among teenagers in the capital Sana’a.

The move is aimed to reinforce their fighting fronts against the government forces in Nehm, east Sana’a and Al-Jawf.

Local sources said that the Houthis leaders declared public mobilization and forced community leaders to make the adolescents join the conscription courses.

The community leaders are the first recruiters and they work hardly on making the children to join the Houthis’ forces, citizens who spoke with the Alsahwa Net said.

Some Houthis leaders warned earlier the community leaders against carelessness or unresponsiveness towards urgent military mobilization.

A woman in Sana’a who spoke to Alsahwa Net said that the community leader in her neighborhood has used all means of coercion and non-coercion in an attempt to make her 18-year son join the Houthis’ forces, but in vain.

The community leader informed her recently that she has to pay YR80,000 ($143) for her rejection to send the child to the Houthis’ fighting front, the woman said.

She explained that she agreed to pay the amount, but provided a stamped receipt for the payment.

“I have not responded to their request when intensity of the fighting was low. How can I accept this time while it is flaming?” the woman noted.

“Valleys are already full of corpses and I do not want to have one,” she said.

“If this community leader wants to mobilize fighters, he has to start with his five sons, but not my son,” she said.

One community leader who spoke to Alsahwa Net said that scenes of dead bodies brought back from Nehm front has sparked concerns and discontent among the people.

“It is not easy to convince anyone to send his son or relative to be one of those returned dead bodies,” he said.

A teacher in Sana’a said that community leaders are in a dilemma because they have to recruit new fighters amidst rejection among families.

In this respect, the Houthis have publicized to imams of mosques in Sana’a to speak about their claimed victory and incitement to Jihad.

“I do not know how can I stand speaking about sending more youths to the warfronts while the people know that their sons are being returned dead bodies,” one imam said in a conversation with the Alsahwa Net.

The Houthis depend on the community leaders for military recruitment by coercion or the use of attraction methods.

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