Houthis militants loot WFP store in Hajja

Houthis militants loot WFP store in Hajja

Alsahwa Net-Houthis-affiliated gunmen have stormed a food store belongs to the United Nations (UN) World Food Program (WFP) in Hajja, a WFP news release reported on Monday.

The Houthis rebels seized Hajja during their military expansion in late 2014.

They manage all districts of the governorate through their affiliated leaders.

The WFP said that an armed group broke into its store in Hajja on Sunday evening and looted 1,275 tons of food aids.

It deplored such acts and said they threaten the humanitarian work in Yemen.

It demanded parties to the conflict in Yemen to allow delivery of the urgent food aids to the neediest households in line to the international humanitarian principles.

Looting of the WFP food stores has been a characteristic of the Houthis armed group who distribute looted aids to its supporters and sell part of it to commercial shops.

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