How Houthis plunged Yemen in multilayered crisis within a month

How Houthis plunged Yemen in multilayered crisis within a month


By Ziyad al-Soofi

Within almost a month, Houthis controlling Yemen's north have plunged the country in a new multilayered crisis, aggregating the living conditions of a nation already suffering the world's worst humanitarian crisis.

The Shia extremist militia, on January 8, outlawed the new Yemeni riyal bills issued by the government causing sort of two economies to emerge and North-south trade to become painfully expensive as traders have to buy and sell two types of riyal. People in Houthi territories vented a lot of anger through social media without directly naming or blaming the savage rulers.

As an international submarine cable suffered a break on January 9 and Yemen was left with only 80% drop in internet capacity, the militia reserved the remaining 20% to Sana'a which they control knocking the rest of Yemen offline and into an isolation from the rest of the world.

On January 18, the militia launched a massive military operation in Nehm in the borders with the government stronghold of Marib causing a resurgence in civilian casualties and massive civilian displacements.

One hopes the international community, which ignored the magnitude of Houthi guilt for the Yemeni years long  conflict to look at the latest compound crisis the terrorist militia has created within only one month.

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