Marib’s Security Committee calls for high alert to foil Houthis’ plot

Marib’s Security Committee calls for high alert to foil Houthis’ plot

Alsahwa Net- The security committee of Marib said on Saturday that it instructed security and military personnel to be on high security alert and readiness to foil terror plots by terror groups and the Iran-backed Houthis militants.

This coincides with renewal of fierce confrontations between the government forces and the Houthis militia in parts of Marib and the nearby governorate of Al-Jawf.

The committee had to hold an urgent meeting headed by the governor of Marib, Sultan Al-Arada to discuss ways for foiling the Houthis’ escalation against Marib.

Members of the committee discussed the 2020-security plan and implementation levels of the past year’s security scheme.

Al-Arada affirmed constant support to the security forces to be competent for imposing security and stability in Marib.

He said that coordination among security and military units is a must to maintain security achievements and protection of public and private properties.

He added that cooperation is also required among the security services, military units and the judiciary to pursue security wanted men and enforce the rule of law.

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