Houthis attack reporters’ meeting in Al-Jawf

Houthis attack reporters’ meeting in Al-Jawf

Alsahwa Net- A number of reporters were wounded by a Houthis-missile attack targeted them while in a meeting in Al-Jawf, north Yemen, local sources said.

Dozens of the Yemeni journalists have been recently in Al-Jawf to cover ongoing battles in the area between the Houthis rebels and the government forces.

Reporters for different media outlets including television channels and newspapers were in the meeting when a Katyusha missile fired by the Houthis militants hit their place in Al-Hazm city, capital of Al-Jawf, the sources said.

The attack is part of a large offensive campaign the Houthis began recently in an attempt to recapture Al-Jawf and other nearby areas from the government’s forces.

The attack against the journalists’ meeting resulted into injuries of some reporters and damages of their personal vehicles.

The Houthis have a black record against the press freedom in Yemen since they seized the capital Sana’a in late September 2014.

Scores of Yemeni reporters were killed by various Houthis attacks that targeted directly while on duty during the past five-year ongoing conflict.

12 journalists have been in the Houthis-run detention centers for over five years amid confirmed reports on deterioration of their health conditions.

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