Government: Houthis targeted 76 mosques

Government: Houthis targeted 76 mosques

Alsahwa Net- Ahmed Al-Atyya, Minister of Endowment and Religious Affairs, said that the Houthis militia has so far targeted 76 mosques since they seized the power in late September 2014.

He explained that when the Houthis target a mosque, they set it on detonation or change the building into arms stockpile or a place for gathering to their militants when chewing qat narcotic leaves.

This statement by the government official coincides with a new deadly attack by the Houthis that targeted a mosque in a government-military camp in Marib that resulted into death of dozens of people on Saturday 18 January.

“We are in front of a group that strives for demographic change in Yemen using an Iranian scheme that uses all methods to terminate its opponents,” Al-Atyya said.

He indicated that Yemenis witnessed scores of similar attacks against mosques in the Houthis-held areas and that the recent deadly attack in Marib was not the first.

Ten days ago, the Houthis militants targeted a mosque in Hodeida and one year ago, they attacked a mosque in Serwah of Marib.

Over than 1,200 preachers and imams were forcibly migrated from their mosques in the Houthis-held areas following obligatory designation of new Houthis-affiliated imams, according to Al-Atyya.

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