Think-tank: Soleimani smuggled air-defense system to Yemen’s Houthis

Think-tank: Soleimani smuggled air-defense system to Yemen’s Houthis

Alsahwa Net- Qasem Soleimani, a prominent Iranian General, smuggled an air-defense system to the Houthis militia in Yemen just prior his death early this January by a US drone strike in Baghdad, a newly released report by the Abaad Studies and Research Center, a local think-tank based in Yemen, said this weekend.

The think-tank said that the air-defense system smuggling to the Houthis in Yemen was the last operation Soleiman did before being killed by the USA on 3 January 2020.

The report said that Soleimani who was commanding the Quds forces of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard, used to refer to the Strait of Bab Elmandab, the Red Sea and oil installations in the Gulf countries when talking about Iran’s confrontation with the USA.

The Iran-backed Houthis who lost control of the Bab Elmandab Strait in Mid-October 2015 are working to capture it again in preparation for possible war between the USA and Iran.

Unit No. 190 of the Quds forces is the military unit responsible for smuggling weapons to the Houthis that was operating under Soleimani’s direct supervision, the report said.

It indicated that Esmail Ghaani, Soleimani’s successor pays the same attention to Yemen and that Ghanni is supervising operations of the Unit No. 190.

The report said that Soleimani’s death is turning point that can be reflected on security of Yemen and the gulf countries.

It anticipated that Iran will double its efforts to maintain its influence in Yemen as an attempt to reinforce its frontlines for any possible confrontation with the USA.

It added that Iran’s plot in Yemen experiences exhausting and confusion following Soleimani’s death and Saudi talks with some Houthis’ leaders who were convinced to review their alliance with Iran.  

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