Houthis continue arbitrary detention of civilians

Houthis continue arbitrary detention of civilians

Alsahwa Net- A group of the Houthis affiliated gunmen and female militants stormed a house in Al-Safya quarter, in the center of Sana’a city and kidnapped the entire household members.

Arbitrary detention and forcible disappearance of the civilians by the Houthis group has been on rise in Sana’a and other Houthis-held areas since the rebels seized the power in late September 2014.

Human rights sources said that the Houthis group abducted in the past month two girls along with their father and took them to an unknown location which is likely a secret detention site.

The Houthis claimed in their media outlets that the family members were abducted for honor charges.

The Houthis use the same accusation against male and female abductees when victims are suspected of being anti-Houthis activists.

Part of their recent abuses against civilians, the Houthis militants carried out massive arbitrary haircut of male teenagers on streets of Sana’a as an implementation to instructions made by the group’s leader, Abdulmalik Al-Houthi to spread “religious culture” in the community.

Social media users shared a video displaying Houthis militants detaining a group of adolescents and cutting their hair on the street.

One Houthis-affiliated gunman appeared in the video while insulting the teenagers and mocking their uncut hair and inciting them to go to the warfronts.

The Houthis rebels imposed recently certain men’s haircuts on barbers and threatened imprisonment of anyone who follows western style men’s haircuts.

The action is part of instructions made by the Houthis’ leader to his militants to enforce “religious identity” in the society.

Social media users circulated a letter signed by the Houthis’ officials to the police headquarters in districts of Ibb, Amran, Dhamar and Al-Baida that was circulated to barbershops to avoid the western haircuts.

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