Houthis to withdraw licenses of 70 private schools in Sana’a

Houthis to withdraw licenses of 70 private schools in Sana’a

Alsahwa Net- The Houthis militants prepare to shut down 70 private schools in Sana’a citing coeducation reasons. 

Director of the Education Office in Al-Sabeen area of Sana’a, Mohammed Hussein Al-Shami, sent official letters to the Education Office demanding shut down of 70 private schools using the pretext of coeducation, according to documents obtained by Alsahwa Net.

Sources in Sana’a said that the Houthis’ action is intended to extort private schools who declined to teach the Houthis-sectarian curricula to pay huge amounts of illegal money and introduce the Houthis-textbooks to the children.

Other local sources in Sana’a reported earlier that the Houthis rebels decided to close a number of private schools because of teaching the old textbooks and their decline to use the new sectarian textbooks.

The Houthis who seized the capital Sana’a in late September 2014, have been promoting their Shiite sectarian ideology in public schools of their held areas and use their force to shut down private schools when refusing their new textbooks.

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