Houthis assault female activist for criticizing extremist rebels

Houthis assault female activist for criticizing extremist rebels


Houthis assaulted severely female activist Ibtisam Abu-Dunya in Sana'a on Tuesday for criticizing the starvation policies of the extremist rebels controlling north Yemen.

Acquaintances of the outspoken social media pundit said the armed rebels stormed Abu-Dunya's house and beat her severely following her criticism of the militants ban on the banknotes (newly printed by the government) which rendered the government unable to continue paying salaries in the rebels' areas of control. Abu Dunya had demanded the Houthis who caused this failure to assume their responsibility of paying civil servicemen in their areas of control.

The theocratic extremists who seized the capital Sana'a militarily in 2014 have been committing grave atrocities continuously ever since and have wiped out any form of dissent.


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