Houthis murdered 31 civilians in November

Houthis murdered 31 civilians in November

Alsahwa Net-The Houthis rebels murdered 31 civilians in separate incidents that took place throughout last November, a report by a local human rights NGO said on Tuesday.

The murder crimes are part of total 260 reported human rights abuses the Houthis militants committed in November against the civilians in Taiz, Hodeida, Ibb, Al-Dhala’, Sana’a and Al-Jawf.

The Yemeni Network for Rights and Freedoms that prepared the report said that six children and one woman were among the 31 murdered civilians.

24 citizens were wounded during the same month in various isolated incidents carried out by the Houthis militants against the civilians in the reported governorates.

Incidents of the reported deaths included random bombing against residential areas, sniping and death by antipersonnel landmines blasts.

The report said that 89 cases of abduction and forcible disappearance took place in November against the civilians among them children and elderly people.

The governorate of Ibb came first with number of abduction cases reached 36 people, according to the report.

The governorate of Al-Dhala’ came the second and followed by governorates of Dhamar, Sana’a and Al-Baida.

Other 39 human rights abuses were carried out against citizens’ houses including 27 cases of residences’ storming and looting and nine private vehicles that were damaged by landmines explosions, the report said.

The report documented also 36 human rights violations against public educational facilities and public teachers.

These anti- education violations included shutdown of nine private schools and arbitrary dismissal of 27 public teachers.

In November, the Houthis closed 36 commercial shops in Sana’a and Ibb when the shop owners declined to pay money for the Houthis-organized party celebrating the Prophet Mohammed’s birthday.

The Houthis militants closed also two mosques in Sana’a, according to the report.

It indicated that the Houthis-affiliated militants closed Al-Abyadh Mosque in Hamdan of Sana’a and banned prayers from performing the Friday’s sermons in the same mosque.

They also shut down Al-Fateh Mosque in Shamlan of Sana’a and changed it into children sectarian education center, the report said.

Local and international human rights organizations have been documenting horrific human rights abuses taken by the Houthis against citizens in their-held areas since they seized the capital Sana’a and other key Yemeni cities in late September 2014.

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