Houthis abduct students and take them to warfronts

Houthis abduct students and take them to warfronts

Alsahwa Net- Nine students of Ibb, central Yemen, who disappeared late last November were found recently fighting for the Houthis’ side against the government’s forces, local sources said.

The nine students who come from Menzel Khanis village of Al-Mashna district in Ibb governorate were abducted by the Houthis militants, taken to a sectarian Shiite training course and were transferred to the Houthis’ warfronts.

Families to the abducted students urge the Houthis’ leaders to bring back their children from the fighting fronts.

Sultan Tawfiq Mohammed Mater, a student of the Engineering School of Ibb University is also another victim who was disappeared on 23 November.

Fate of Mater who come from Ba’dan district of Ibb, remains unknown until writing of this story. But his case is similar to previous students who were forcibly disappeared and were found later in the fighting fronts battling for the Houthis rebels against the government’s forces. 

The abduction and arbitrary disappearance of university students and schoolchildren increased in the Houthis-held Ibb governorate following intensifying fighting in the nearby Al-Dhala’ governorate. 

Fate of scores of children and university students of Ibb remain anonymous and others were returned dead bodies to their families after being killed while fighting for the Houthis’ side.

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