Houthi naval mine kills whale in Red Sea

Houthi naval mine kills whale in Red Sea

A Houthi naval mine killed a whale off the Red Sea town of Meedi in northwest Yemen, military and civilian sources said.

The whale carcass was found washed ashore with ruptures in its rear in Meedi coast in Hajja province on Saturday.

Sources in the Yemeni Naval Force told the media the whale was killed by one of the floating Houthi mines in the sea.


Elsewhere in the northeast of the country, two men were killed by a Houthi-laid landmine in northeastern Yemen province of Aljawf on the same day.

Local sources said Abdulnaser Al-Saaeri and Mursal al-Maatari, two men in their 20s, were killed when they stepped on a Houthi landmine in al-Atfayn area in Aljawf. "Thousands of landmines are planted ubiquitously over large swaths of lands including public roads in the province, the sources told Al-Manarahnet news website. The Shia theocratic extremists are responsible for planting more than one million landmines since the beginning of their coup and insurgency on September 21st 2014, the Yemeni government maintains.

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