Houthi extremists slow down Yemen internet to cover up their atrocities 2

Houthi extremists slow down Yemen internet to cover up their atrocities 2

As the Houthis intensify their massacres and crackdowns on dissent in different parts of Yemen, the Shia theocratic extremists have slowed down internet connection across Yemen minimizing media coverage of their country. 
Bakeel Al-Ansi said he wanted to cover a Houthi military campaign going on for weeks against the people of Maskirah in al-Hada district of Dhamar, he said, "It's become difficult to even send your story by email to news websites for publishing." 
"As you know the Houth self-styled Telecommunication Minister Mustafa al-Nameer announced a week ago his group would reduce internet usage. They have done it and left us unable to report their crimes. More than 12 tribesmen, acquaintances of mine, were killed and others injured in the Houthi campaign in the past couple of days. We have videos for the attack on the villages but internet is too slow to upload them."
The extremist organization has been controlling YemenNet, the internet service provider in Yemen, ever since they seized Sana'a on 21st September 2014.
An owner of a clothes shop in the capital Sana'a who for security fears identified himself as only S.A Sadeq said a Houthi "extortion campaign against clothes shops in Sana'a have forced many shops to close with scant media coverage on the issue." The extremists are confiscating from shops "women clothes they consider immodest fashions" and forcing shopkeepers to pay heavy fines for having such clothes in their stocks. 
"I wanted to write and share pictures and videos of the puritan militants attacking my and my neighbors' shops, but internet has become too slow. All I could do is share the news in text only."

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