NGO: Houthis abducted over 1,000 civilians since signing of Stockholm agreement

NGO: Houthis abducted over 1,000 civilians since signing of Stockholm agreement

Alsahwa Net- The Houthis rebels kidnapped 1,222 civilians since signing of the Stockholm agreement on 13 December 2018, a local NGO said on Wednesday.

The Abductees’ Mothers Association, a local human rights organization that strives for rights and release of the abductees and arbitrary detainees, said that 11 women are among the new arbitrary detainees following signing of the Stockholm agreement.

The Houthis rebels and the government signed the Stockholm agreement to cease fighting in Hodeida, release prisoners and end the Houthis’ siege on Taiz city.

However, the number of illegal detainees held captives by the Houthis increased following signing of the agreement, the association noted.

It indicated that 104 were severely tortured and deprived from medical care that consequently led to death of 24 detainees in the Houthis-run prisons.

It said that the Houthis prosecuted 57 abductees and ruled capital punishment to 47 of them.

It added that the United Arab Emirates (UAE) affiliated militants, the Southern Transitional Council (STC), a separation rebels based in in Aden, abducted 56 civilians and the government-run security services arrested 29 citizens.

Civilians in Yemen have been caught by two rebellions. The first is the Iran-backed Houthis rebels who seized the capita Sana’a in late September 2014 and the STC rebels who have been running Aden and other southern governorates since April 2016.

A report by the United Nations said last February that both the Houthis and the STC rebels held civilians in illegal confinement which violates the international humanitarian law.


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