Shabwa Security Committee: Southern militia hinders prisoners exchange

Shabwa Security Committee: Southern militia hinders prisoners exchange

Alsahwa Net- An official of the Shabwa Security Committee said on Wednesday that the southern militia which is known as the Southern Transitional Council (STC), obstructs exchange of prisoners with the government’s forces.

The official indicated that the STC militants denied existence of some government’s prisoners in their hands.

The STC rebels have been holding government troops and officials in captivity since early last August’s rebellion against the government forces in Aden and other nearby governorates.

For its part, the government’s forces held some of the STC fighters in confinement since last September when the latter attempted to implement a separation rebellion against the government in Shabwa.

The official held the STC militia responsible to the delay of prisoner’s exchange.

When the fighting ended in Shabwa, the President Abd Rabo Mansour Hadi instructed the governor of Shabwa and the security committee to agree on the exchange of prisoners with the STC militia.

The official said that the deal includes release of all government’s prisoners who were held captive by the STC militants during Aden’s rebellion in exchange of releasing all the STC prisoners.

The SCT militants intercepted and detained fuel-trucks driving to Shabwa in an attempt to get their prisoners released without releasing the government’s prisoners, according to the government’s official.

He said that this demonstrates an act of militants that keep practicing discrimination against Shabwa since the STC militants seized control of Aden last August.

It added that the STC militants in Aden have been blocking diesel supply to the public power stations in Shabwa since August until writing of this report.

It said such behavior of banditry only comes from gang members and it will backfire soon.

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