Government deplores Swiss Diplomat’s meeting with Houthis’ representative

Government deplores Swiss Diplomat’s meeting with Houthis’ representative

Alsahwa Net- The internationally recognized government warned on Monday diplomatic missions against meetings with the Houthis’ diplomat to Tehran.

This warning followed a meeting on Sunday 15 December by the Swiss Ambassador to Tehran, Markus Leitner with the Houthis’ representative to Tehran, Ibrahim Al-Dailami.

Muammar Al-Eryani, Minister of Information of the legitimate government said that the meeting is “a flagrant violation of diplomatic norms and unacceptable violation of international laws and resolutions on Yemen.”

The Houthis-run media outlets reported that Al-Dailmai and Leitner discussed support to their unilateral initiative to suspending missile and drone attacks against Saudi Arabia.

The Houthis rebels appointed Al-Dailami last August as “Yemen’s ambassador to Tehran, a move which then was condemned by the government of Yemen.

Al-Eryani blamed Iran for arranging such meetings and said that such acts as reflects “Iran’s hostile policies towards the Yemeni government and people.”

 “We warn against endorsement of diplomatic missions in Tehran to Iranian agenda in legitimizing the Houthis’ coup and its subversive policies that threat regional and international security,” Al-Eryani wrote on his Twitter account.

The Yemeni Ministry of Foreign Affairs said last November that Iran’s recognition of a Houthi official as an ambassador of Yemen, violates the United Nations (UN) charter, the UN Security Council (UNSC) resolutions on Yemen and other related international treaties.

It also condemned Iran’s handover of Yemen’s diplomatic mission premises in Tehran to the Houthis’ representative. 

Al-Eryani said that such meetings indicate political support by Iran to the Houthis in addition to military and financial support Tehran provides to the rebels in Yemen.

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