Sudanese forces leave Yemen

Sudanese forces leave Yemen صورة تعبيرية

Alsahwa Net- Members of the Sudanese Forces began on Sunday deporting Yemen to their home country, the local news website Al-Masdaronline reported on Sunday.

Thousands of the Sudanese armed forces took part in the fighting against the Houthis rebels in the Yemeni western coast within the Saudi-led coalition.

The Sudanese forces handed over their positions in the western coast to the government’s joint force, a military source said.

The “Elite Battalions” were the last remaining Sudanese forces that left Yemen on Sunday via Mocha ancient port of Taiz governorate to their home country, according to the military source.

The Sudanese forces in Yemen participated effectively in the fighting against the Houthis militants. Hundreds of them were killed and wounded during the past four years.

They also participating in training members of the government’s joint forces.

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