UAE smuggles security wanted men out of Socotra Airport

UAE smuggles security wanted men out of Socotra Airport

Alsahwa Net- The United Arab Emirates (UAE) forces in Socotra of Yemen, have smuggled on Saturday by force a number of security wanted men out of Socotra Airport via a private UAE-aircraft.

Ramzy Mahroos, governor of Socotra, said in a memo he wrote to President Abd Rabo Mansour Hadi that militants of the UAE forces stormed the Socotra Airport and took security wanted men out of the country via the airport.

The smuggled individuals are wanted by the security on charges of destabilizing security and entering Yemen without an official visa.

The storming and smuggling incidents took place despite existence of a Yemeni and Saudi government troops who guard the airport, according to Mahroos.

He accused the UAE forces of using the humanitarian work for mutiny promotion in Socotra by supporting its affiliated militants to do rebellion acts. 

The local authority arrested few weeks ago some Asian nationals in Socotra for holding no visa to stay in Yemen.

The detained workers were working for commander of the UAE forces in Socotra.

Foreign nationals are required to obtained a visa to enter Yemen. However, the UAE forces in Socotra have been bringing UAE citizens or foreigners who work for them into Socotra without a visa.

Mahroos issued in October a notice that all foreign nationals must abide by the rule and must have a visa to stay in Socotra.

The notice provoked the USE forces who responded to the notice by storming the airport and smuggling the detained foreign nationals. 

The UAE forces support frequent armed rebellion by its affiliated local militia against the local authority in Socotra.

The act is part of the ongoing armed rebellion in south Yemen where the UAE-supported armed separatists took control of Aden and other key southern cities early last August.

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