Local NGO urges protection of illegal detainees in Aden

Local NGO urges protection of illegal detainees in Aden

Alsahwa Net- The Abductees’ Mothers Association, a local NGO that strives for rights of arbitrary detainees, urged on Saturday the legitimate government, the Saudi-led coalition and the international organizations to swiftly save lives of the illegal detainees in Aden.

The association said in a statement that health conditions of the illegal detainees in Byr Ahmed Prison in Aden, deteriorated following constant hunger strikes.

Cases of coma were reported among the arbitrary detainees because of hunger strike to protest their illegal confinement.

The detainees have been in confinement by the southern separation rebels since mid—2016 despite the government’s prosecution’s order for their release.

Detention centers in Aden are run by militants of the southern separation rebels who are also known as the Southern Transitional Council (STC) that were established and trained by the United Arab Emirates (UAE), a key member of the Saudi-led coalition.

Assisted by the UAE, the STC militants took over Aden city and other southern governorates early last August and drove the government officials out of the city.

The STC and the government signed on 5 November 2019 Al-Riyadh agreement that aims to end the separatists’ rebellion and restore security in the city.

However, the agreement marginalized status of the illegal detainees in the separatists-run prisons.

The association demands the Saudi-led coalition to add the issue of arbitrary detainees into the agreement to end suffering of the detainees’ relatives and the detainees themselves.

It says that it documented so far 56 arbitrary detainees and 38 forcible disappeared people in Aden, who have been in illegal confinement for three years.

A report by the Human Rights Watch that was released on 12 December of this year said that the organization documented 40 new arbitrary detainees since the government’s forces clashed with the STC rebels last August.

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