Chinese diplomat: we will continue supporting legitimate government

Chinese diplomat: we will continue supporting legitimate government

Alsahwa Net- Ambassador of China to Yemen, Kang Yong affirmed that his country will continue its support to the legitimate government of Yemen, headed by President Abd Rabo Mansour Hadi.

Yong said that China will continue its efforts with the Yemeni government, various Yemeni parties and the United Nations to support the peace process and provide food and medical aids to the needy people.

Yong made these statements in a press interview with the Yemeni military mouthpiece, 26 September Newspaper.

He indicated that China regularly coordinates with the Yemeni government about China’s participation in the reconstruction of Yemen to come in the future.

He said that participation of the southern separation rebels known as the Southern Transitional Council (STC) in the new government that will be formed in line to the Al-Riyadh agreement, represents a positive indicator to a broader comprehensive understanding for resolving the conflict in Yemen.

He explained that military and security units will be reorganized to be run by the state’s control.

At the moment, China-Yemen cooperation is confined to provision of humanitarian aides by China to Yemen due to the exceptional circumstances in Yemen.   

He added that he consulted with the Yemen Supreme Relief Committee, Yemen’s Ministry of Public Health and Population and relevant Chinses stakeholders to take part towards the epidemics control.

China plans to provide Yemen with some cleaning equipment such as the waste barrels and disinfection tools to control spread of infectious diseases, according to Yong.

He said that China had also talks with some officials of the Yemeni government about post-war cooperation.

He highlighted the giant Chinese project; the Belt and Road Initiative that aims at strengthening China’s economic cooperation worldwide.

Yemen is not part of the Belt and Road project yet because of the ongoing fighting in Yemen, according to Yong.

However, China did not forget Yemen. It invited Yemen’s Minister of Industry and Trade to participate in the Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation which was held early this year in Beijing.

Yemen signed a memorandum of understanding with China to promote the cooperation on this respect.

“This memorandum provided the legal basis for mutual cooperation between the two countries on this side,” said Yong.

He added that Yemen has a strategic location, natural resources and industrious people which all can expand Yemen-China cooperation.

He reaffirmed that the political solution is the sole way to end sufferings of the Yemeni people brought by the ongoing war that was sparked by the Houthis militia’s coup.

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