Scores of Houthis killed and captured in Midi

Scores of Houthis killed and captured in Midi

 The Yemeni army killed scores of Houthis and captured about 30 others in Midi district of Hajjah governorate, a senior Yemeni officer, Rashad al-Hemyari told Okaz newspaper. 

Al-Hemyari revealed that a plan was approved by the Yemeni army to liberate al-Hudeidah, pointing out that there cooperation among other military units that fight Houthis in Mocha and Haradh.

The Yemeni army declared that the coastal road linking between Mocha and al-Hudeidah is a military region, calling civilians to avoid any gathering of the Houthi militias.

Meanwhile, Director of the Moral Guidance Department Mohsin Khasroos has revealed that the Yemeni army has prepared a plan to liberate the western coast of Yemen as a whole. 

He cited the area of Midi located in this coast is very strategic, pointing out that this area is now controlled by the army. 

He spelt out Houthis used this and other surrounding areas to smuggle weapons, indicating that Iran used to provide them with weapons via this area.    

He indicated that the Houthis do best to restore this area, asserting that all their attempts failed. 

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