Security services capture dangerous terrorist in Aden

Security services capture dangerous terrorist in Aden

Aden Police Department on Friday declared it captured a dangerous al-Qaeda militant, Abu Dujanah, who carried out a number of assassinations in Aden. 

Sources of Aden Police Department told Alsahwah Net that a counter-terrorism unit stormed into a place in al-Mimdarah neighborhood in Aden and managed to capture Abu Dujanah. 

Security sources said that Abu Dujanah admitted, during investigations, that he carried out assassinations against security and military officials in Aden. 

Meanwhile, thirteen al-Qaeda operators were killed on Saturday as tribesmen installed ambushes in the town of Lawdar, Abyan governorate, a Yemeni security source told Alsahwah Net. 

The source affirmed that al-Qaeda returned to the southern towns of Lawdar and Shaqrah though al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula had previously declared that it withdrew from these towns. 

Tribesmen clashed with al-Qaeda terrorists inside the town when the terrorists tried to enter some public facilities, the source added.  

The source said that clashes lasted two hours between al-Qaeda militants and tribesmen, and they ended when al-Qaeda militants withdrew.

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