One full year since signing of Stockholm agreement, escalation again in Hodeida

One full year since signing of Stockholm agreement, escalation again in Hodeida


Alsahwa Net- The government’s joint forces in Hodeida killed scores of the Houthis militants when the latter attempted to infiltrate into Al-Tuhaita district, south Hodeida city.

A statement by the Giant Brigades said on Monday that the joint forces thwarted last night Houthis’ attacks and inflicted great human and hardware loss on the Houthis’ side.

This escalation coincides with one full year since the United Nations (UN) sponsored agreement was reached late last year between the government and the Houthis rebels.

For their part, the Houthis said that one citizen was killed and another one was wounded due to the government’s forces bombing against Al-Tuhaita district, according to the Houthis’ mouthpiece, Al-Masirah satellite television. 

It said that a number of houses were destroyed in Al-Duraihim district.

The government’s forces and the Saudi-led coalition deny targeting citizens’ houses.

They say that the Houthis militants abuse the Stockholm agreement and keep violating it since its signing in December 2018. 

The UN always keeps silence towards the Houthis’ breaching to the Stockholm agreement.

Yet, Chief of the United Nations Mission in Hodeida, Abhijt Guha released several statements accusing both parties of escalation and military mobilization.

Spokesman of the government’s joint forces in Hodeida, Wadah Al-Dabaish held the UN and its special envoy to Yemen, liability to stumbling of the Stockholm agreement implementation.

He said that the Houthis have no desire to peace and that they only care for Iran’s interests.

He added that recent seizure of a boat, off Yemen’s coast, that was confiscated by the US naval forces loaded with Iranian-made missile parts bound for the Houthis is an evidence that peace is not the Houthis’ agenda.

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