Houthis impose high tax on Sana’a landlords

Houthis impose high tax on Sana’a landlords

Alsahwa Net- The Houthis imposed expensive rate of taxation on landlords in Sana’a, local sources said.

Each landlord has to pay between $100 to $400 for “military effort”, the sources said.

The move is part of the Houthis-run campaign in various parts of the capital Sana’a where the Houthis officials force landlords to pay property tax.

The Houthis officials gave the landlords one-week deadline to pay the tax and if failed to pay, properties might be seized.

Economists estimate that the Houthis militants collect about YR30billion ($120million) per year from property taxes.

The Houthis follow a teasing-approach against the landlords in an attempt to force them pay their properties to prominent Houthis leaders.

The approach is part of the Houthis militants’ policy for creating a new business reality by empowering their affiliates to dominate the business and real-estate industry.

Economic experts say that such practices are part of money laundering acts that allow the Houthis officials buy expensive luxurious residences in Sana’a.

The real-estate industry in Sana’a saw a significant leap during the last two years following the Houthis’ measures against the landlords.

A recent report by the Studies and Economic Media Center said that the size of wealth owned by the Houthis leaders caused the double price increase of the land and real-estate in Sana’a.

It indicated that real-estate price increased significantly due to the large scale of affluence by the Houthis-affiliated war profiteers in Sana’a and other Houthis-held governorates.

It said that the war economy is to be blamed for the present real-estate booming in Sana’a that has become the first place for money laundering by the war profiteers.

It indicated that some of these illegal gains were transfected outside Yemen for buying real-estate abroad.

However, the largest percentage of the illegal money remained home particularly in the Houthis-held areas, according to the report.


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