UN delegation visits Taiz

UN delegation visits Taiz

Alsahwa Net- A delegation  of the United Nations (UN) headed by the regional deputy director of the UN World Food Program  (WFP), Ali Redha visited on Saturday Taiz governorate.

Taiz city has been under siege imposed by the Houthis rebels since 2015 amid deteriorated humanitarian situation caused by the ongoing siege and daily fighting in and around the city.

Undersecretary of Taiz governorate, Abdulqawi Al-Mekhlaifi, told Redha that the siege is the prime cause of the worsening humanitarian conditions that brought the government public services to a complete halt.    

He noted that the siege also deprives people of Taiz from minimum rights to life, food, medicine and freedom of movement.

He called on the international humanitarian organizations to resume work from the city of Taiz as the local authority managed to restore security and resume operations of the state offices.

For his part the security chief of Taiz, Mansour Al-Akhali, highlighted the security success achieved in Taiz by transferring detained suspects to the prosecution and continuous deployment of security forces throughout the city to impose security.

For his part, the WFP official said that WFP Taiz office which operates from Ibb will be relocated to Aden.

He indicated that in 2020, the WFP plans to implement food projects that support sustainable livelihood.

The WFP will support cash transfer projects and will review impairments of food aid safety and distribution, according to Redha.

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