Epidemics kill 50 children in Ibb

Epidemics kill 50 children in Ibb

Alsahwa Net-Over than 50 children died of cholera and diphtheria in various districts of Ibb governorate during the past eleven months, a medical source said.

The source said that the victims’ age is under five years old.

38 death cases out of the total cases died of the cholera in different districts of Ibb, some of them were displaced children, according to the source.

He explained that two cholera death cases were reported among the displaced children of Taiz and one case from Dhamar governorate.

More than 37 suspected cholera cases were also reported among the children in various districts of Ibb.

The 16 remaining children death cases died of the diphtheria.

Six of the diphtheria death cases are from Ibb, six cases from the displaced children of Taiz, two cases are from Al-Dhala’ governorate, and two cases from Hodeida, the source said.

The diphtheria suspected cases in Ibb reached 90 cases in the past eleven months.

He indicated that health facilities could not register all suspected cases because households cannot afford travelling from their rural locations to the health centers due to the hard living standards.

Spread of the epidemics among children in Ibb comes amid deteriorated health services in the Houthis-held governorates.

The Houthis hinder the humanitarian and medical work that humanitarian organizations attempt to deliver to the affected people. 

The United Nations World Health Organization (WHO) said in November that 128 people died of cholera in Ibb out of 1,002 total cholera death cases in Yemen since early this year until early last November.


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