Epidemics spread among detainees in Houthis-run prisons

Epidemics spread among detainees in Houthis-run prisons

Alsahwa Net-  Various epidemics spread recently among thousands of political detainees in the Houthis-run prisons.

Spread of the epidemics exacerbates conditions of the illegal detainees who have been vulnerable to different forms of physical and psychological torture and inhuman treatment by the Houthis rebels in the capital Sana’a and other governorates since late 2014.

The militants instigated spread of the epidemics among the detainees as part of a systematic torture that includes medical negligence and block of access to medicines, according to the Abductees’ Mothers Association.

The association said that it reported 183 detainees that had various infections.

It said that eleven detainees in Dhamar were infected with the tuberculosis with no medical measures taken by the prison’s administration to control the disease.

Some detainees in the Houthis-run prisons in Sana’a were infected with the hepatitis virus and received no treatment to the disease.

The scabies is also reported among the detainees in all the Houthis-run prisons.

Sam Organization for Rights and Liberties documented earlier in a report that it verified 41 cases of detainees who suffer severe pains due torture in prisons and in need for urgent medical intervention.

The organization said that health conditions in the Houthis-run prisons can be seen as a slow death to the inmates who suffer fatal diseases and are deprived from access to medication.

It says majority of the detainees had been infected with these diseases while in detention because of torture or poor health conditions.

The Houthis have been renowned for having black record of human rights abuses since they rebelled against the government in late September 2014.

Other forms of physical torture that were documented by human rights organizations in the Houthis-run prions include physical assault using batons, electrocution, waterboarding, removing of nails and chaining to the ceiling by the detainee’s wrists or legs.

The last form causes deep tissue bruising, according to the association.

It added that the detainees are confined in small-dark rooms with no ventilation.

The detainees’ relatives said that the Houthis officials declined winter wear to the inmates in cold areas and force them to stay in the prison’s wear that does not protect against the cold.

The winter lasts in Sana’a and other cold areas of the Houthis-held territory from November until March. The Houthis’ ban of the winter wear in prisons is expected to increase number of infections among the detainees.

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