Abyan: Separation militants block government’s forces crossing to Aden

Abyan: Separation militants block government’s forces crossing to Aden

Alsahwa Net- The southern separation rebels known as the Southern Transitional Council (STC) in Ahwar district of Abyan, south Yemen, blocked on Thursday a 50- military vehicle convoy of the Presidential Protection forces from crossing into Aden, the interim seat of the internationally recognized government.

The convoy had to stop on Thursday in Ahwer coming from Ataq, capital of Shabwa after tribal leaders informed the convoy that the STC rebels step up ambush and security checkpoints to block crossing of the convoy to Aden.

The STC rebels seized military bases of the Presidential Protection brigades, prime government’s forces in Aden and drove the government’s members outside the city in early last August.

Both the government and the STC signed on 5 November the Saudi-sponsored Al-Riyadh agreement to end the separatists’ rebellion in Aden.

However, the STC showed defiance to implementation of the agreement. The STC militias were established and funded in April 2016 by the United Arab Emirates (UAE), a key member of the Saudi-led coalition that was formed in March 2015 to support reinstatement of the government.

Yet, the UAE supported the STC’s rebellion in Aden last August and its warplanes bombed the government’s troops when attempted to recapture the city.

A group of tribal leaders of Ahwar district have mediated on Thursday for de-escalating the tension between the Presidential Protection forces and the STC militants, according to a military source quoted by the local news website, Al-Masdaronline.

The tribal mediators gave a two-hour deadline to reach a resolution to the ongoing dispute.

The military source said that chief of the STC in Abyan, Abdullah Al-Hawtri instructed commanders of the Security Belt Forces, the STC’s affiliated militia that runs Aden, Abyan and Lahj, to block any government’s military forces from crossing into Shuqra towards Aden until they contact the Saudi-led coalition about the issue.

The source said that armed militants of the Security Belt Forces have set up several security checkpoints and ambushes outside Ahwer in preparation to block crossing of the government’s military convoy.

The source said that this military convoy is supposed to go to Aden to station around the Presidential Palace in Aden, in line to the military annex of the Al-Riyadh agreement that stipulates that the 1st Brigade of the Presidential Protection take over security and protection of the President and the government’s members.

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