Children’s disappearance on rise in Dhamar

Children’s disappearance on rise in Dhamar

Alsahwa Net- Cases of children’s disappearance are increasing in the Houthis-held governorate of Dhamar, 100 KM, south the capital Sana’a.

The latest case took place last Sunday. Ahlam, 14 years old female child was abducted on Sunday in front of her school in Al-Sakania quarter of Dhamar city. Her fate is still unknown until writing of this report.

Her school is located nearby the Houthis-run Criminal Investigation Department in the city of Dhamar.

Ahlam was kidnapped when was walking towards her school for withdrawing her student’s file from the school’s administration.

On the following day, two other male children were disappeared from the city’s downtown and were later found in Ibb governorate, 65 KM off Dhamar.

Sources told Alsahwa Net that the Houthis militants requested family of the two male children to conceal news of the disappearance and to circulate that the two boys went for a family visit to one of their relatives in Ibb.

Two months ago, another 16-year male child was abducted before the Sport Stadium, east of Dhamar city.

It was learnt later that the boy was sent to Al-Baida warfront to fight for the Houthis rebels against the pro-government forces.

The governorate of Dhamar lives a state of insecurity. So far, cases of children’s disappearance reached five cases.

The age of the disappeared children ranges from seven to 15 years old.

The last case of the girl’s disappearance panicked residents of Dhamar in fear that such incident might happen again.

They held the Houthis’ authority responsibly over increasing cases of the children’s disappearance.

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