217 civilians killed in Hodeida since ceasefire declared

217 civilians killed in Hodeida since ceasefire declared

Alsahwa Net- 217 civilians were killed and over 2,000 others were wounded by the Houthis’ attacks in Hodeida since the United Nations (UN) sponsored-ceasefire was declared one year ago.

The ceasefire was brokered by the UN in the Stockholm agreement that was signed in last December in Sweden between the government and the Houthis rebels. 

The government’s joint forces in Hodeida said in a report it released on Tuesday that majority of the 217 dead civilians were women and children who were caught by the Houthis’ breaching to the UN-sponsored truce in Hodeida.

The Houthis’ violations to the ceasefire took place in several parts of Hodeida including: Al-Tuhaita, Al-Jablya, Al-Haima, Al-Matina, Hais, Al-Khawkha, Al-Ghawireq, Al-Maghras, Al-Jah, Al-Duraihimi, Al-Tayef, Al-Hali, Al-Hawak, Mandhr and Al-Masna, according to the government’s report.

It indicated that the militants has deliberately targeted citizens by planting landmines and explosive devices in public roads and citizens’ farms that led to deaths and injuries in various parts of Hodeida.

“The Houthis have been bombing residential areas using artillery shells and heavy and medium machineguns since the truce was announced effective one year ago,” the report read.

It said that one year was finished since the failing UN-sponsored truce was announced, but the civilians in Hodeida are still vulnerable to the Houthis’ attacks.

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