Over 1,600 landmines removed

Over 1,600 landmines removed

Alsahwa Net- The Saudi-funded landmines clearance project known as MASAM removed in the past week over 1,600 landmines that were planted by the Houthis’ fighters in various parts of the country.

The Saudi Press Agency (SPA) quoted a statement by MASAM that it removed 12 antipersonnel landmines, 492 antitank landmines, 1,092 unexploded ordnance and 15 explosive devices.

So far, the project removed over 10,000 mines that were planted by the Houthis rebels in farms, schools and houses.

The militants camouflaged landmines using different colors and methods to cause larger number of death and injury among the civilians. 

These mines claimed thousands of lives and injured hundreds of people particularly women and children. 

The Saudi mines clearance project aims to clear Yemen’s territory from landmines and explosive devices to enable civilians resume safe life. 



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