People in Houthis-held areas sell their organs

People in Houthis-held areas sell their organs

Alsahwa Net- Rampant poverty in the Houthis-held areas caused by large-scale corruption made people sell their organs and children for survival, the London-based Asharq Al-Awsat Daily Newspaper reported.

The paper quoted local sources in Dhamar that people sell their organs such the kidney on auction. 

Local sources said that a citizen in Dhamar sold his six-month child for USD1,500 to cover his household expenses including food, clothes and house rent.

The sources said that the child was sold to a woman that the father has no single details about her residence address or where does she come from.

The sources said that bad living standards caused by the Houthis’ control of the state institutions led to such dramatic incidents.

The public servants in the Houthis-held areas have not received their monthly payments for nearly three years.

The reported father who sold his child, lives in a rented house in Dhamar city, has seven children and his present source of income is collection of empty plastic cans for selling to recycling shops.

Another 20-year old man in the capital Sana’a, had to offer one of his kidneys for sale to manage living expenses of his family.

The suspension of monthly salaries and lack of job opportunities contributed to appearance of the organs and children sale.

This shows only one aspect of how citizens in the Houthis-held areas are struggling for survival.

Poor people are not alone in this hard struggle for living. Everyone has to struggle to secure buying propane gas and fuel as the two items are always in short supply due to constant dispute between the rebels and the government as well as manipulation by the Houthis officials.

Families and relatives of anti-Houthis dissidents are always valuable to inhuman treatment. Local human rights organizations documented thousands of houses and farms that were set on detonation and completely damaged by the Houthis’ militants because the head of the family had been an opponent to their agendas.

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