Islah female leading figure demands empowerment of Mahri women

Islah female leading figure demands empowerment of Mahri women

Alsahwa Net- Basar Musbeh, chief of the Political and Media Department of the Islah party’s Women Sector in Mahra governorate, demanded on Saturday more empowerment of the local women in her governorate to strengthen female presence in public and private posts.

Musbeh voiced this in Al-Ghaida, capital of Mahra during her speech in occasion of the Yemen’s 30th November Independence Day.

She said that the Yemeni women along the Mahri women contributed significantly beside the Yemeni men in various political and social aspects since Yemen achieved its independence in 1967.

She affirmed that the Islah party paid early attention to the women issues as it believes in the women’s role in the society.

She saluted all women who lost their husbands or sons in the fighting against the rebellion to restore the legitimate government.

She also greeted female relatives of the illegal detainees and demanded the legitimate government and the Saudi-led coalition to move towards release of the detainees and forcibly disappeared people.

She called for unity among women of her governorate to contribute more to the development of the country and their hometown.


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