Government condemns Houthis’ incitement against aid organizations

Government condemns Houthis’ incitement against aid organizations

Alsahwa Net- Muammar Al-Erynai, Minister of Information, deplored on Wednesday distortion and incitement campaigns by the Houthis militants against international humanitarian aid organizations working in Yemen.

The Houthis began last week a media campaign where they threatened to publish documents of corruption against international aid organizations working in their held areas.

The Houthis’ action followed remakes by the United Nations Assistant Secretary General for Humanitarian Affairs, Ursula Mueller on 22 November where she criticized the Houthis’ block of aid projects and their hinderance of aid delivery to the needy people in their held areas. 

Al-Eryani said that the Houthis’ campaign comes within their extortion they practice against personnel of the international aid organizations to silence them over sealing food aids by the Houthis officials.

He urged the international aid organizations to coordinate with the government to find alternatives to access the needy people in the Houthis-held areas.

In the same respect, the government said that license renewal to international non-governmental organizations will be based on new standards to improve performance of international NGOs in Yemen.

Licenses of around 70 international organizations operating in Yemen, will expire in December, according to Yemen’s Deputy Minister of Panning and International Cooperation, Nezar Basuhaib.

Basuhaib said that license will not be renewed to any organization that does not meet the new standards.

He explained that the new standards will help the international NGOs in Yemen to improve their work and avoid any errors happened in the past.

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