Defense Ministry denounces anti-Yemeni army comment

Defense Ministry denounces anti-Yemeni army comment

Alsahwa Net- An official of the Yemeni Defense Ministry denounced on Monday an anti-Yemeni army comment stated by Hassan Al-Shehri, a brigadier general of the Saudi Army.

The Yemeni military mouthpiece, 26 September Net quoted a source of the defense ministry saying that comments made by Al-Shehri hurt the Yemeni legitimate leadership, Yemen’s sovereignty and disagrees with goals of the Saudi-led military intervention in Yemen.

“Yemen’s military which is commanded by the legitimate President Abd Rabo Mansour Hadi is battling for the state retrieval and combating the Iranian project and its Houthis’ allies,” the source said.

It indicated that “The Yemeni military paid a great and precious sacrifice for the sake of mutual Arab defense against the Iranian plots that seek destabilization of Yemen and the region and threaten the world maritime routes.”

It explained that the national army of Yemen is being rebuilt under supervision of the legitimate president by support from command of joint forces of the Saudi-led coalition.

It said that the Yemeni national army has been subjected to distortion campaigns and rumors as a result of its stand against the Iran-backed Houthis militia and other terror groups.

It said that such comments benefit only the Houthis and the Iranian scheme in the region.

It affirmed that the sole guarantee to Yemen’s security and its border countries is to stand with the Yemeni people and their legitimate leadership to rebuild a stable country under a state of rule and constitution.

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