Houthis fuel tribal clashes in Ibb

Houthis fuel tribal clashes in Ibb

Alsahwa Net- The Houthis militants sided with one tribal family in their-held Ibb governorate, against another one in a new fresh armed confrontation erupted recently.

The fighting is taking place in Al-Sabra district of Ibb and it already caused deaths and injury among the two fighting parties and gunmen of the Houthis.

Local sources said that the clashes broke out following murder of a person named: Saqr Al-Rashidi of Al-Rashdi family by gunmen of Al-Marwaee family.

The sources said that Zaid Sufyan, a local Houthi official attempted to storm Al-Qufl village, hometown of Al-Rashidi family using dozens of his militants.

However, Sufyan was killed during the clashes with the gunmen of Al-Qufl village. Other armed men of the two parties were also killed and injured.

The Houthis militants reinforced their militants on Tuesday with nine military vehicles loaded with scores of gunmen to attack the Al-Qufl village.

One farmer was killed during the Tuesday’s clashes while in his farm that increased the number of the dead people into three people.

The same two hostile families entered few days ago in bloody clashes that resulted into death of two tribal members of Al-Rashidi family.

The Houthis who control Ibb governorate and other northern parts failed so far to resolve this tribal dispute. They even sided with one tribal party against the other to keep fueling the conflict.

These incidents are only one of other extended chain of conflicts throughout Ibb that claimed dozens of lives including Houthis officials.

Three people were killed on Tuesday also in different armed clashes in Yareem district of Ibb.

Ismail Abdulqader Sufyan, former undersecretary of Ibb governorate and one of Houthis leading officials in Ibb was killed last June during intra-fighting among the Houthis fighters in Ibb.

Insecurity and intra-tribal fighting have been increasing in Ibb amidst lawlessness caused by the Houthis rebels’ management of the governorate.

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