Houthis seize South Korean vessel in the Red Sea

Houthis seize South Korean vessel in the Red Sea


Alsahwa Net- Two government officials confirmed on Monday that the Houthis rebels seized a South Korean vessel and two security boats in the Red Sea.

Wadhah Al-Dubaish, spokesman of the government’s Joint Forces in Hodeida stated to the UAE-based the National Newspaper that the South Korean Vessel, two accompanied boats and their 28-crew members were seized by the Houthis.

He added that the seized ships were taken by the Houthis rebels to the shores of Kamran Island in the Red Sea.

Mohammed Al-Hadhrami, Yemen’s Foreign Minister deplored on Monday the Houthis’ action against the South Korean Vessel and the two boats, according to the Yemeni state-run Saba News Agency.

Al-Hadhrami discussed the issue with Ambassador of South Korea to Yemen, Pak Woongchul.

Al-Hadhrami said that such provocative and illegal acts will negatively affect the world maritime navigation in the Red Sea.

He indicated that this serious escalation comes amidst effective ceasefire in Hodeida which is sponsored and supervised by the United Nations (UN).

He added that seizure of the South Korean vessel in the Red Sea by the Houthis disagrees with the purpose of the Stockholm agreement on Hodeida.

He demanded immediate release of the seized vessel, the accompanied boats and their crew members. He called on the international community and the UN Security Council (UNSC) to condemn such practices that threaten the international security and peace.

For his part, Woongchul said that he wishes swift release of the vessel, the boats and the crew members in respect to the relevant international laws and treaties.

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