Houthis impose conscription in Ibb

Houthis impose conscription in Ibb

Alsahwa Net- Dozens of families fled their hometowns in parts of the Houthis-held Ibb governorate in fear of conscription the militants imposed recently, the National a UAE-based English Newspaper reported.

The paper quoted local residents saying that the Houthis come to citizens’ houses demanding that men must join the fighting frontline for their side in the Al-Dhala’ neighboring governorate.

Fuad Al-Jubari, spokesman of the government forces in the north of Al-Dhala’ said that that the Houthis called on all residents who live in Al-Awad area to send their sons to the warfront to strengthen their fighters in Al-Fakher area of Al-Dhala’.

“We refused their call. They consequently arrested several fathers and took their children to the warfront,” said Al-Jubari.

“They were playing havoc in my village. They stormed our school and turned it into an arsenal,” said Al-Jubari.

“They forced us several times to pay money to finance their warfronts. This led several households to leave their homes” he said.

He indicated that the Houthis turned deserted houses into barricades because they expect that the pro-Saudi-led coalition forces advance to capture the area.

He explained that the government forces secured safe passages for civilians to flee Al-Awad area to safer areas in the north of Qa’taba.

“We worked hard to help the civilians who are exposed to intimidation by the Houthis’ gunmen in villages of Al-Awad,” said Al-Jubari.

“What the Houthis did in areas of Al-Awd is seriously terrible. They committed war crimes against the civilians,” he concluded.

Some districts of Al-Dhala’ governorate are witnessing fierce daily clashes between the southern resistance forces and the Houthis rebels. The Houthis sustained great loss in the recent confrontations.

However, this led the Houthis officials to exercise more suppression against residents in the border areas of Ibb to Al-Dhala’a.

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