Taiz child killed by Houthis dies with horror embossed on her face

Taiz child killed by Houthis dies with horror embossed on her face


As many international especially western media outlets maintain a strong and longstanding bias in favour of them, the Shia extremist militia of Houthis, have been massacring children in central Yemen's Taiz continually for more than five years with zero anxiety about anything.

Alsahwa has reported dozens, if not hundreds, of stories and pictures of children below the age of 11 getting mass killed by indiscriminate shelling and premeditated shooting by the militia's Iranian-trained snipers.

Most recently, yesterday, the militants fired heavy shells on Alsharaf village in al-Silw district in the besieged governorate killing a 10 year old girl by the name Rahmah Fares Abduh and injuring five others including two of her brothers. Rahmah died with a look of horror on her face probably stuck from the last few moments before making her last breath out. Only God knows how much freight she felt.

The sectarian theocratic extremists have, since the war begun in 2015, been using, besides strangling siege, a scorching earth tactic against the civilians of the ideologically different (Sunni) city of Taiz.

The children of Taiz have born the brunt of this violence, amidst a persistent media ignorance of Houthi crimes, if not a strong bias, in favor of the theocratic militia.

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